Tree Care

Trees are the largest living things on the planet. However, even a small tree can pose some risk to person and property, especially during a tree removal operation. We believe that our knowledge of trees and plants as biological structures makes us better equipped to safely remove trees.

Removing a tree from your yard or property requires careful thought so you avoid damage to your own and neighboring buildings and landscaping. Unfortunately, after severe weather conditions or storms, trees can buckle and collapse, sometimes on top of your property or vehicles.

Our professional maintenance and tree removal services can help you to either remove an old tree that is in a potentially dangerous position or to remove an already fallen tree.

We use traditional tree removal technique where the tree climber cutting branches as he works his way up the trunk of the tree. Using a harness and safety ropes, once the tree climber reaches the top of the tree he begins to cut the upper sections of the trunk, letting them freefall to the ground. The climber continues to work back down the trunk, removing sections as he goes.

Once the tree seems short enough to fell, a final cut is made and the rest of the tree falls.